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Technology education for radical organizers and revolutionary communities.


Some nice things former students and friends have said about the Tech Learning Collective. If you’ve participated in a TLC course or workshop and have feedback of any sort, please send it in to us. We appreciate hearing about your experience and are especially grateful to everyone who’s provided a testimonial below.

“welcoming for beginners, but still engaging for more experienced people”

[A]fter checking the[ir Gone Phishing workshop] out, I highly recommend!! I’ve gone to a lot of meetups, including a few cybersecurity workshops, and what they are doing is really top of the line. The workshop was a good middle ground of welcoming for beginners, but still engaging for more experienced people. I learned so much! It was well-paced and had a tight, manageable scope, but I also walked away with a ton of links of additional resources to explore on my own time. So if you’re in the NYC area and have the chance, definitely check out their calendar!

“way more educational than anything I’ve been to before”

I do IT in my day job and have a small budget for “professional development,” so I’ve taken a lot of tech classes and workshops. I heard about TLC from a friend and signed up for the Tor workshop, since it was a pretty unusual opportunity for me. I wasn’t expecting much but it turned out to be way more educational than anything I’ve been to before! At other workshops, I often left feeling talked-at instead of being offered clear explanations of the topic. But at the TLC workshop, the environment was really interactive, and the teacher made really advanced stuff seem super simple in a way I never saw before. I was shocked at how high the quality of both the material and the instruction was, given how inexpensive the tickets are in comparison to everything else out there right now.

Carolyn H.

“in only a few minutes…forever changed how I use my computer.”

I first learned about TLC at an open mic night in Brooklyn where one of the teachers did a demo about fake websites. It kind of blew me away! In only a few minutes, they showed us how to check for encryption in the browser, and even taught us how to verify HTTPS certificates. I had heard about my friends’ Facebook accounts getting taken over and after that demo I actually understood how it happened. Now, whenever I go to PayPal or log in to my social media accounts, I check the site’s certificate! That one demo forever changed how I use my computer.

Kim S.

“I actually felt comfortable in a tech class.”

I’ve been trying to learn more about digital privacy and security for months, but every time I went to a meetup, I felt intimidated by the huge egos of my male-presenting, job-oriented “peers.” As a femme person who’s always been interested in science and technology, it wasn’t until I went to the workshop on Tor that I felt not only treated with respect, but like it was safer to ask questions and not know everything already. I actually felt comfortable in a tech class. I learned way more in their workshop than I ever had at any of the other tech spaces. I’m grateful that TLC offers courses with a specific focus in activist work, and that there are teachers who make me feel more at ease with this material. Now I can actually focus on learning stuff!

Mary L.

“I finally feel empowered in a real way.”

I study data science in school, and was feeling limited because what I was learning in school felt like it wasn’t enabling me to do the projects I wanted. There was a lot of talk about how technology could empower me, but I feel like my school is basically just grooming me for a job in marketing. TLC changed that. Now, I finally feel empowered in a real way. After attending the networking basics workshop, I feel head and shoulders above the rest of my class at school. I’m showing my peers things with Wireshark that not even my professors have seen. Now I feel like I can carve my own path through this industry. I can’t recommend TLC classes highly enough.

Sam L.

“I learned more in two hours than I had in two years.”

I’ve been interested in digital privacy for a long time, and then when Trump got elected I started going to privacy workshops regularly. I met some really great people, but beyond using Signal and not using social media, it was really hard for me to understand how to protect my privacy online. Then I went to the TLC’s Tor workshop and I learned more in two hours than I had in two years. I wish more people running digital privacy events would do it like TLC!

Maya E.

“left me in a much better position to continue learning on my own [than a code bootcamp].”

Finding a job after college has been extremely tough. I even borrowed money from my parents to take a coding bootcamp because I’ve been trying to find work. I know TLC isn’t focused on jobs, but having gone through both the web coding bootcamp and TLC’s HTML basics workshop, my advice is: don’t waste your money at a bootcamp! At the bootcamp, I got a lot of stuff thrown at me but it was the wrong stuff. TLC filled in all the gaps and left me in a much better position to continue learning on my own. All the information is out there for free, so what you’re really paying for is someone to guide you through the material and connect the pieces. TLC did that for me better, faster, and for thousands of dollars less.

Chris A.