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Tor: What is it Good For? (Absolutely Everything!)

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Tor is a famous tool used by whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, journalists, and even government agents to help them stay anonymous while they use the Internet. This workshop will show you not only how Tor works, but how you can and arguably should use it every day to protect your privacy while you do mundane (or more exciting…) things online. You’ll learn about how Tor keeps your computer’s IP address hidden from the Web sites you visit by using a technique called onion routing, why it’s important to use the official Tor Browser software for maximum protection, and much, much more.

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From illegal online drug stores like Silk Road to DDoS botnet command and control headquarters, media attention has long painted “the Dark Web” as though nothing good can come of it. But learn just a little bit more about how Tor and “hidden services” work and you’ll find a treasure trove of valuable possibilities for day-to-day Internet use. The same technology that can hide the location of a drug ring can also serve as a free VPN-like service to protect your privacy while you browse the Internet, make censored websites available again, and even let you host your own Internet services for free, all without opening a single port on your firewall!

In this deep dive workshop on Tor, the Tech Learning Collective’s cybersecurity trainers will show you how to make the most of this widely available and free digital safety tool. They’ll demonstrate numerous Tor features such as Tor authentication, target service load balancing, and NAT-punching. In the process, you’ll finally understand—on a technical level—what the “Dark Web” actually is and how it works. Bring a laptop to class, and you’ll leave having run your own Dark Web site. This class is for everyone; whether you’re a veteran black hat or a timid newbie, this class will shine a light on the Dark Web once and for all.

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