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    Learn how to beat back configuration drift on your servers by leveraging automation tools like Ansible in this deep dive workshop demonstrating modern DevOps practices for deploying, maintaining, and auditing compute clusters. Whether for a Web application, big data processing, or other project, you need to turn old-school runbooks into… (read more)

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The Internet was always anarchist, so Anarchists must learn to become responsible for operating it

When Bob Metcalfe invented Ethernet in the 1970’s, he intentionally designed his system in a way that would function anarchically. Many engineers believed this approach was too chaotic to succeed. How could a system of coordination function with no command center? It would be pure anarchy! Today, every Internet connection, local network, telephone uplink, datacenter backhaul, and Wi-Fi signal to your computer uses Ethernet. The anarchist approach proved simpler, more efficient, and ultimately more successful. This is no surprise to any practicing anarchist, although many practicing anarchists still won’t recognize the anarchism in action when they post their next Tweet. Meanwhile, most Big Tech insiders aren’t able to see the parallels between their beloved technology and the anarchist viewpoint. This must change, and we’re going to change it.

Tech Learning Collective interview at An Artist's Guide to Computation

This week’s issue of Martha Hipley’s “An Artist’s Guide to Computation” features an interview with Tech Learning Collective. We answer questions about what makes us different from code bootcamps and even other advocacy/community groups (short answer: we’re not doing what they’re doing), why we focus on communications security at every step of our curriculum (safe and secure communication is a prerequisite to political change), what to do if your friends say they hate Facebook but still aren’t ready to take action to protect their privacy online (change more of your own behavior first rather than debating the merits of your choices with them), how the year 2020 has radically transformed Tech Learning Collective’s own infrastructure (we’re 100% online now), and more.


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