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“I’m learning way more in Tech Learning Collective workshops than my college classroom”

The amount I’m learning in Tech Learning Collective workshops is way more than what I was learning in my college classroom. As a computer science major, most of the curriculum was all about theory and had very little practical work. TLC more than fills in that gap for me. Another reason I’m frequenting TLC events is for their community! I would’ve never known how vibrant TLC’s alternative tech community was. I’m definitely looking forward to participating in as many Tech Learning Collective events and courses as possible.

“immensely helpful…tools that I could use in everyday life”

The Practical Digital Security workshop [I attended] was immensely helpful. It provided me with a sense of calm, explained different levels of threat, and left me with tools that I could use in everyday life. The class not only helped me as an individual, but in ways I could share with my work, friends, and family. The teaching style was informative and engaging. It was a very well-spent Saturday!

“enlightening[,…] practical, and solution-oriented”

I joined Tech Learning Collective’s “Practical Digital Security” workshop because I had heard how easy it was to find out personal information about people on websites without their knowledge or permission and their workshop description promised to show me how I could protect myself from this sort of thing.

It did not disappoint! Not only did the workshop cover this topic directly, the instructor showed us exactly how “doxing” happens and the specific data broker websites that are used. For me, it was enlightening to learn about specific companies involved (augh, Facebook, of course!) and tools that I could use to automatically notify me of my personal information being out there, like Google Alerts and Firefox Monitor.

But there was so much more, too. I’m impressed at how practical and solution-oriented the whole experience felt. At the end of the workshop, I got the feeling that everyone got all their questions answered, which is really rare for classes like this.

“just the right combination of informative and challenging”

I really enjoyed the Clearing Away the Clouds class on networking. I know only a tiny bit about networking but am trying to learn more to be a responsible and safe digital citizen. This class was just the right combination of informative and challenging. The instructutor definitely dove into some really complicated ideas but always took the time to go back and make sure that we understood.

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