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    Get an accessible introduction to the basics of password management by learning how to perform a password cracking attack yourself. Learn exactly what Web sites do with your password when you log in, how to find out if you have been “pwned,” what the risks are, and what you can… (read more)

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Democracy is Bankrupt: I'd like an extra-large 'I Voted!' sticker with a side of political sedative, please

As the United States gears up for what is arguably one of the most highly contentious General Election seasons in a long time, we wanted to share our thoughts about the importance—and limitations—of voting, and how our political credo in this arena shapes our curriculum and our priorities. Our goal, as always, is to make it easier for you to succeed at truly impactful political work through mastery of digital and information systems. But before we have a chance in Hell of making a dent there, it’s important to have an accurate understanding of how things actually work in the world, so we understand where to focus our limited resources.

Return the Magic to Computers: Radio Statler/HOPE 2020 interview with Tech Learning Collective

In a far-reaching interview on the Hackers On Planet Earth 2020 conference’s Internet radio broadcast, Radio Statler, Tech Learning Collective discusses our philosophical approach to computer technology, hacking, anarcho-autonomism, and more. We also lead three offensive cybersecurity workshops at the HOPE 2020 workshops track this year, made possible by the conference organizer’s decision to make the event a wholly-virtual one. Our own hope for the event is that people who are looking for a liberatory and ambitious direction that goes beyond but overlaps with the famous hacker ethos exemplified by the HOPE 2020 conference and community can find what they’re looking for in the form of Tech Learning Collective’s approach to queering hackerdom and returning the magic to computers.


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