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  1. Return the Magic to Computers: Radio Statler/HOPE 2020 interview with Tech Learning Collective

    In a far-reaching interview on the Hackers On Planet Earth 2020 conference’s Internet radio broadcast, Radio Statler, Tech Learning Collective discusses our philosophical approach to computer technology, hacking, anarcho-autonomism, and more. We also lead three offensive cybersecurity workshops at the HOPE 2020 workshops track this year, made possible by the conference organizer’s decision to make the event a wholly-virtual one. Our own hope for the event is that people who are looking for a liberatory and ambitious direction that goes beyond but overlaps with the famous hacker ethos exemplified by the HOPE 2020 conference and community can find what they’re looking for in the form of Tech Learning Collective’s approach to queering hackerdom and returning the magic to computers.

  2. Student Profile Series: Satisfaction Brought it Back

    The recent spike in enrollment rates at Tech Learning Collective courses and workshops gave us a great opportunity to look closely at how we do what we do so that we can continue offering our best-in-class technical training via free, by-donation, and low-cost events supporting radical organizers and revolutionary communities. By interviewing newer repeat students, we’ve been able to improve our Web site, workshop descriptions, and even come up with new events. But these interviews also offer current or prospective students an illuminating look at Tech Learning Collective itself, our history, our motivations, and what makes us different from other tech schools or other digital education initiatives. Published with our students’ permission, the Tech Learning Collective Student Profile Series is a set of audio recordings curated from these interviews that we’ll release over time, beginning today.

  3. Protecting protester privacy, beyond the listicles.

    We at Tech Learning Collective stand with the Movement for Black Lives. We stand with all those who are calling for immediate financial divestment from police departments nationwide and the reallocation of police department budgets towards investments in community housing, education, public health, and other social services. We applaud the small number of police officers so far who have laid down their batons and guns instead of using them on peaceful protesters and we insist that, next, they lay down their badges as well.

  4. Tech Learning Collective awarded in EFA 2019 Activity Challenge, then interviewed by EFF

    In four months’ time during 2019, Tech Learning Collective produced twelve (12!) free or by-donation digital privacy training events for community groups and grassroots activists recognized by Electronic Frontier Alliance organizers. Only our fellow New Yorkers, the CyPurr Collective, held more events (13 events spread across the full 12 months), narrowly edging us out of first place. Later, we were interviewed by EFF organizers for a featured profile now published in an abridged form on the EFF Deeplinks blog. This post contains the complete unabridged interview.

  5. Hacker Trivia Night benefit weekend wraps with reminder for need of revolutionary education in revolutionary times

    The global movement for justice will end tragically if we do not dramatically and immediately invest in digital infrastructure education with a competency and urgency like never before, so we wrapped up our Hacker Trivia Night benefit weekend to support local businesses hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic with a call to action to ramp up the level of ambition that we have for ourselves in our fight for justice.