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  1. How to start catching phishermen before they catch you

    Remember, remember the tech antifa on the fifth of November! Antifa activists defend against the rise or spread of fascism by combating threats to anti-fascist groups, anti-racist organizers, and others for whom fascist groups pose a clear and present danger. The NYC chapter of the Anarcho-Tech Collective provides computer training for activists and advocacy groups, direct assistance with digital components of advocacy efforts, and private audits of an ally’s security posture when requested. At Tech Learning Collective’s Hackers Next Door conference in December and in this blog post, anonymous members from Anarcho-Tech NYC will show you how attackers work and think so you know how to first spot and then stop them in their tracks.
  2. This little-known trick lets you use Signal without giving out your phone number

    The Signal Private Messenger app has become the de-facto standard for end-to-end encrypted messaging. Its battle-tested encryption protocol is licensed for use by the likes of Facebook in WhatsApp, and it has been adopted by the XMPP Standards Foundation for use as the basis of OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption. In short, Signal is great, except for the fact that you need a phone number to use it. Or do you?