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Hacking with Mr. Robot

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Let Mr. Robot teach you how to hack—and how to stop hackers from hacking you! In this course, we will use “Mr. Robot,” a TV show dramatizing the lives of rogue hackers in NYC with unparalleled technical accuracy, as a sort of introductory syllabus. Through discussion of the show, students will receive a contextualized introduction to how the tools, techniques, and procedures showcased in the TV episodes actually work in real life. During class, students will also have the opportunity to install the security tools depicted on screen to their own machines, as well as learn how to use those tools in “live-fire” lab environments against practice targets and fellow classmates. The course will cover all of Season 1, by which time students will have gotten a hands-on tour of various tools in the Kali Linux penetration testing distro, along with a better sense of how to separate fiction from reality in contemporary hacking dramas in pop culture.

Please note that this television show contains graphic and potentially triggering content.