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  • July 5, 2022 5:00 PM July 6, 2022 2:30 AM
  • 1186 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11221 United States
  • Status: CONFIRMED

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Event description

Start Summer off with a bang. We’re not talking about fireworks (although those are nice, too). We’re talking about our good friend and collaborator, Vi’s incredible three-in-one party night. Vi has been an incredible source of knowledge, inspiration, and persistence throughout all of Tech Learning Collective history. In partnership with others, she co-founded our school and continues to be involved in community efforts to increase the digital literacy and safety of queer and trans folks to this day.

In many past posts on our blog, as well as across the Web in recorded podcasts and on Internet radio, you can listen to her impassioned takes on Internet history and the future of technology, its impact on marginalized groups, and her critiques of Silicon Valley’s approaches to “making the world a better place” all while advocating for a more technologically savvy and self-empowered relationship with digital technology. Although an enigma to many, she is nothing if not iconoclastic, embodying the very best of the trans hacker stereotype.

Today, Vi plays double-duty as a full time employee back in Silicon Valley after a long personal struggle, as well as remaining a core organizer for the Hex90 queer hacker parties in New York City, an advisor to a number of anarchist tech collectives, and of course a central figure in Tech Learning Collective operations. Vi is turning 1 year old soon, as her HRT anniversary is around the corner and, true to form, she’s decided to turn her party into something more communal.

Direct from Vi “like the text editor” herself:

Hi, friends! Pride Month has come and gone but there’s one more (massive) celebration to be had!

Join me, your friendly neighborhood trans hacker party princess, for a TRIPLE HEADER HAPPY HOUR event: the company I work for tapped me to organize a “How was your pride?” post-pride month Happy Hour, and I’m combining it with my “birthday” party and the next Killer Queen Open Hive Night at Wonderville.

The “How was your Pride?” Happy Hour is for my co-workers in NYC, and I’m inviting them all to combine forces with the NYC Killer Queen scene for their weekly Open Hive Night. That day is also my trans birthday celebration, so all three events are happening in the same place at the same time, all in one amazing evening!

Join me and other colleagues (LGBTQ+ and allies) on Tuesday, July 5th, 5PM through 9PM at Wonderville in the center of the queer universe in Brooklyn. That Tuesday, come learn how to play the popular 10-player strategy arcade game “Killer Queen” from some of NYC’s best players and NYC’s newest Queen Bee, yours truly! Come also to share Pride Month stories, meet one another in physical space, and meet more queer NYC locals. And of course, also come thru to wish me a happy birthday! 🎂

WHO: You, and hopefully many of your friends that you’ll bring

WHAT: Vi’s Birthday Triple Header Happy Hour combination corporate LGBTQ+ happy hour plus birthday celebration plus Killer Queen Open Hive Night

WHERE: Wonderville
1186 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY


WHEN: Tuesday, July 5th

5pm-2:30am: Vi’s happy birthday celebration!
5pm-9pm: LGBTQ Employee Resource Group Happy Hour and (limited) open bar!
8pm-12am: Killer Queen Open Hive Night

If you haven’t already been there, Wonderville is a free-play indie arcade studio 🕹️ and combination bar with two DJ booths, a stage, a backyard, and numerous wonderful queer events every week. It is easily accessible from downtown Manhattan via the [J] Subway train and numerous buses and one of my favorite queer spots ever! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️


Join Vi and her work colleagues for a sponsored post-Pride Month “How was your Pride?” Happy Hour. Come meet other queers and allies from her work, their friends, and more of Vi’s friends as we share our Pride Month stories and meet new folks who are gearing up for the sequel of “Hot Vaxxx Summer,” “Hot Vaxxx Summer 2: I Wanna Know What You Did Last Pride!”

This event is not exclusive to Vi’s LGBTQ+ coworkers so everyone is welcome but (obviously?) is focused on making sure we create a space for LGBTQ+ employees with support from our allies. There will also be a limited open tab courtesy the company Employee Resource Group and employee experience team for this happy hour as well and some remaining portions of the tab will be picked up by Tech Learning Collective as a thank you to the queer community who keep coming to our workshops. That said, please feel free to donate to Tech Learning Collective if you have the means to help support our work.


It’s my birthday! I’ll be 1 year old, as my HRT anniversary is right around the corner! Come wish me a happy birthday at one of my favorite venues in all of New York City, and where I’m going to be anyway, Wonderville! Don’t worry about bringing a gift or anything like that, just bring your amazing self and be ready for a “worlds collide” moment because I’m inviting my co-workers (who know me by a different name and everything) so let’s see how that goes, lol?

You’ll get to see a glimpse of me as the corporate!Vi version of myself, and they’ll get to see a glimpse of the trans hacker party princess!Vi version of me! It’ll be great! Or a complete disaster that will fuck up my life forever! I’m ready for either!


Come learn how to play the popular 10-player arcade game from some of NYC’s best players, including the scene’s newest hypersocial up and coming hottie Queen Bee, yours truly! We’ll be playing Killer Queen in open play and maybe a round-robin tournament mode, so come early to find teammates and sign up for the casual tournament. Details also at:

Bring friends. Especially friends I don’t already know. <3 <3 <3 See you soon!

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