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  1. Tech Learning Collective awarded in EFA 2019 Activity Challenge, then interviewed by EFF

    In four months’ time during 2019, Tech Learning Collective produced twelve (12!) free or by-donation digital privacy training events for community groups and grassroots activists recognized by Electronic Frontier Alliance organizers. Only our fellow New Yorkers, the CyPurr Collective, held more events (13 events spread across the full 12 months), narrowly edging us out of first place. Later, we were interviewed by EFF organizers for a featured profile now published in an abridged form on the EFF Deeplinks blog. This post contains the complete unabridged interview.

  2. Hacker Trivia Night benefit weekend wraps with reminder for need of revolutionary education in revolutionary times

    The global movement for justice will end tragically if we do not dramatically and immediately invest in digital infrastructure education with a competency and urgency like never before, so we wrapped up our Hacker Trivia Night benefit weekend to support local businesses hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic with a call to action to ramp up the level of ambition that we have for ourselves in our fight for justice.

  3. As Tech Learning Collective grows, quality is signature of classes and workshops

    Tech Learning Collective was founded in an effort to radically increase the cybersecurity effectiveness and other digital capabilities of politically-motivated individuals and groups. It’s incredibly important not to lose sight of larger goals, especially in times of distress. For us at Tech Learning Collective, that means taking stock of how we’re continuing to fulfil our original mission while taking care of ourselves and our communities.

  4. Queer All the (Electronic) Things! Our Love for the Command Line

    At the start of Pride Month in June, Tech Learning Collective is celebrating in the way queer hackers do best. We’re dedicating the first week of June as Command Line Interface (CLI) Week and hosting workshops all about breaking free from the hegemonic, oppressive, coercive, and limiting environment of the “Desktop” and its employment-centric office job metaphor for computing. Join us for any of these command line workshops throughout the week to help us bring down bullshit jobs and paperwork-fetishizing bureaucracies and uplift the inherent freedom and power in linguistic creativity and our ability to queer all the (electronic) things!

  5. Mr. Robot's Hacker Happy Hour Highlights

    More than two hundred people registered for our free, first-ever virtual “Mr. Robot’s Hacker Happy Hour” digital security and online privacy crash course at the end of March. Although it was scheduled to run for one hour, we had so much fun that the event lasted almost a full three hours! In this post, we recap some of our favorite moments and share video highlights from the event. Read on for a peek at what you may have missed.