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  1. Queer All the (Electronic) Things! Our Love for the Command Line

    At the start of Pride Month in June, Tech Learning Collective is celebrating in the way queer hackers do best. We’re dedicating the first week of June as Command Line Interface (CLI) Week and hosting workshops all about breaking free from the hegemonic, oppressive, coercive, and limiting environment of the “Desktop” and its employment-centric office job metaphor for computing. Join us for any of these command line workshops throughout the week to help us bring down bullshit jobs and paperwork-fetishizing bureaucracies and uplift the inherent freedom and power in linguistic creativity and our ability to queer all the (electronic) things!

  2. Mr. Robot's Hacker Happy Hour Highlights

    More than two hundred people registered for our free, first-ever virtual “Mr. Robot’s Hacker Happy Hour” digital security and online privacy crash course at the end of March. Although it was scheduled to run for one hour, we had so much fun that the event lasted almost a full three hours! In this post, we recap some of our favorite moments and share video highlights from the event. Read on for a peek at what you may have missed.

  3. Welcoming students, alumni, and the public to our community chat channels

    Tech Learning Collective is pleased to invite you to our new community chat channels. Current and former students also now have access to private chat channels for staying in touch with their classmates even after their course ends. The semi-moderated public rooms are part of our continuing effort to integrate distance learning opportunities for the general public during the global response to the COVID-19 healthcare emergency.

  4. Introducing live instruction webinars and free online practice labs

    Tech Learning Collective is excited to offer free, self-paced beginner courses along with new webinar workshops that make it easier than ever before to level up your h4x0r skillz. If you can Netflix ‘n’ chill, you have all the equipment you need to participate in a webinar and tackle technical problems with our team of technical experts and expert teachers. Learn more about our free online “Foundations” curriculum series and our new webinar events in this post.