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Radical Infrastructure: Introductory CryptoJam

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Put your campaign or advocacy efforts on solid ground with this introductory crash course in digital security from the Tech Learning Collective’s cybersecurity trainers. This full-day workshop highlights the most important information from many of our stand-alone digital security workshops in order to introduce participants to a wide selection of the most powerful and indispensable Free Software and Open Source tools for protecting their online privacy. Even if you began the day at square one, you will leave equipped with the same tools that militaries and private defense contractors use on a daily basis, and you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of how and why each tool works.

The Tech Learning Collective’s “CryptoJam” sampler offers an intensive, structured learning path through some of the most critical cybersecurity and online privacy considerations facing individuals and targeted activists today. From assessing your risk level through implementing operational security best practices, you will have the opportunity not only to install security tools, but to practice using key features that are too often overlooked.

Featured tools and techniques covered include:

The Tech Learning Collective’s Radical Infrastructure CryptoJam is an excellent opportunity to learn a little bit about a lot, and to get a sense of what else you might want to learn. Since the workshop material is derived from our longer stand-alone workshops and intensive courses, this full-day sampler is also a fantastic opportunity to get a sense of the Tech Learning Collective’s teaching style and a cursory overview of some of the material available at other Tech Learning Collective educational offerings.

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