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Coding Advanced Web Designs: Web Browser as App Platform

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Using the built-in features of modern Web browsers and their support for technologies like CSS3, a single HTML document can simultaneously be a scrollable and interactive presentation when viewed online, a picture-perfect paper brochure when printed, and even an installed app when launched from your smartphone’s home screen. Moreover, the Web as we know it today could not do what it does without a plethora of additional technologies like SVG for resolution-independent imagery or RSS and Atom for syndicated articles from blogs and news outlets. These alternate document formats and markup languages can be styled, tweaked, and customized using CSS, and CSS in turn borrows some of its more advanced features like animations, graphical filters, and modern layout concepts from those XML-based formats.

Building on the fundamentals introduced in WEB101, students in this course will take their Web design and development skills to the next level by mastering modern design techniques such as the Flexbox and Grid Layout CSS3 modules, Web Fonts, CSS-based animations, transitions, filter effets, and more. We will also thoroughly cover the Scalable Vector Graphics XML dialect, which is increasingly found embedded directly into Web pages. By the end of this course, students will have added techniques and technologies to their toolkit beyond mere HTML for a much broader view of what “the Web” is and what they can do with it.

As a supplement (or taste test) of the WEB201 course intensive, consider attending one or more of the following related workshops. These are stand-alone free, by-donation, or low-cost events that are either derived from or augment this course’s material. Since they are taught by the same instructor(s) as this course, these workshops provide a low-commitment way to get a feel for the fuller course itself as well as offer a chance for you to meet some of our teaching team.

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